Martin's timetable

Martin's timetable

"And you, stop now, and I shall make you the Word of God listen." 1 Samuel 9:27

"the words of the wise men are listened to in the tranquillity." The Ecclesiastes 9:17

      The alarm clock goes off. Martin presses on the button, and falls asleep again for ten minutes … Finally, he goes out of the bed, had a wash in the sound of the radio, then quickly lunches, by having a look on his last texts. He stays in him one quarter of an hour to read his Bible, but how concentrate when the vibrations of his telephone already call him to order! Finally, Martin prays before leaving, and demand for God to guide him in his choices. He has a decision important to set by a few days …

      Earphones in ears, he goes to the station. Twenty minutes of train, just the time to make a small game on its telephone. An intense working day takes place. In the evening, the fatigue is there, Martin falls asleep in the reading of a BD, or in front of a video …

      One of his Christian friends asks him:

      - Martin, you made your choice?

      - I ask, but God does not seem to answer me.

      - There is in your Bible of short texts which can help you, I give you two: "the secret of the Eternal is for those who are afraid of him … Who is the man who is afraid of the Eternal? He will teach him the path which he has to choose" (Psalm 25:12,14). To be afraid of God means giving him the place of honor in its heart, its life and its spare time. He loves us, thus this first choice is imperative. And if we like hearing his voice, it leads us to a use sober and mastered by all which distracts us, and from the "multimedia" in particular.

      God will speak to you, if you make room for him in your timetable. Ask him as Salomon "a heart which listens to" (1 Kings 3:9).

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