Message for the man of today

Message for the man of today

"God both loved the world and it gave his Only son, so that whoever believes in him does not die, but so that it has the eternal life." Jean 3:16

      The Bible, the universal best-seller which challenges the centuries, contains the extraordinary revelation of a God who is interested in his creature. His only message leaves us no illusion, either on what we are, nor on our own merits. But it is nevertheless a message of love, peace, justice, life. It is to say how much we need it.

      It is the message of the God who personified in Jesus to save lost, unfortunate and suffering human beings. He comes to reveal them that mean the words love, peace, happiness, hope. This God wants to give a direction to the life of the man, to explain him why of the suffering and the death. He promises to him, not to save him the difficulties, but to give him the way to surmount them and to live a life which is worth being lived.

      This divine message concerns you. He did not change since two thousand years, but you can personally verify his current events. The verse above told each that God likes us, whoever we are, all on road towards the perdition. God loved us, he showed him by giving his Son. Not only he sent him on the earth, but Jesus agreed to pay on the cross the ransom which deserved our sins. On the basis of the faith (it is true for "whoever believes") "God gave us the eternal life, and this life is in his Son. The one who has the Son has the life, the one who has no Son of God has no life" (1 Jean 5:11,12).

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