My only master

My only master

"The Lord knows the reasonings of the wise men: they are vain." 1 Corinthians 3:20

"Be not wise with your own eyes; be afraid of the Eternal and go away from the evil." Proverbs 3:7

      In a recent interview, a Secretary asserts with conviction: "my only master, it is my consciousness". And she adds: "I do not want to look at my home which is the part of what comes from my religious education, from my culture, from my accumulated knowledge. I am the product of all this, which gets involved in harmonies and in agonies".

      To follow its consciousness is obviously a good thing, but then the question is to know to what is settled the consciousness. The questioned Secretary is aware of it because she declares that it is the product of its education, its culture and its knowledge. The consciousness of the one is different from that of an other one, and to assert that "my only master, it is my consciousness", means saying that my only master, it is of what I think, it is myself!

      It is not at all the language of the Bible. The good and evil, it is not an affair of culture; it is what is in accordance or not with what says God, the Creator of the men. He remains the final judge of each. The original sin of the man, it is to decide by oneself that is the good and that is the evil. This fault leads to all the abuses. She changes nevertheless nothing what God revealed us about the good and about the evil. The human being is well conscious, but it is not her who fixes the standard. The man is not the reference of everything, he is not at the origin of everything, it is a God who is him. The consciousness must be tested on the Word of God. It is in the listening of God that is the truth and the path of the spiritual life.

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