My Rescuer loves you

My Rescuer loves you

"I shall sing to the Eternal, because he made me the good." Psalm 13:6

"look for the Eternal, and you will live." Amos 5:6

      If you knew what a RescuerI possess!

      What to tighten friend Jésus Christ is for me!

      He understands me, he listens to me and he helps me;

      Oh! I would want whether he is also for you!


      If you knew the soft and deep peace

      That the Rescuer overturned into my heart!

      The peace of the sky, unknown in this world,

      Which flows of the cross towards the sinner.


      If you knew the perfect confidence

      That I can put in my divine Shepherd!

      All the time, it is my delivery,

      He protects me at the height of the danger.


      If you knew the certain hope

      Which encourages me and produces my so beautiful sky!

      In the shout of call of its sovereign voice,

      I shall leave joining him above …


      When you will know how much this Rescuer loves you,

      When, in Jesus, you will have put your faith,

      Do not keep this treasure for yourself,

      But tell all what he made for you!

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