No hymn to sing (2)

No hymn to sing (2)

"To the one who loves us, and who washed us of our sins in his blood the glory and the strength in the centuries of the centuries!" Apocalypse 1:5, 6

      - Do we know the melody of this hymn?

      - Those who are near God will sing him to the perfection because they will know all the sense!

      - Reread me the beginning … This word is strong: the blood, it is the blood of the Christ in the cross.

      - Yes, it is its life given to erase our sins. Those who sing this hymn to the sky do not speak about what they made, but of what Jesus made. He liked them and he died for them. The condition to be there, it is to have been washed by the sins by the blood of Jesus. Honestly, if you say that you did not sin, you cannot join their hymn. Struck, he admits:

      - I had never thought of it.

      - Alfred, God loves us and he thought of it! Still listen to these two texts of the Bible: "it is by the grace that you are saved, by means of the faith, and it does not come from you, it is the gift of God; not on the basis of the works, so that nobody glories" (Éphésiens 2:8, 9). Nobody can gain his luck to be near God. And then God tells us formally: "this word is certain and deserving being completely received: the Christ Jesus came in the world to save the sinners" (1 Timothée 1:15). Pensive, he(it) repeats:

      - To save the sinners!

      - Yes, it is not to help them to be saved, but to save them.

      The next day, the face was quite merry, and he tells me: "you know, I shall have a hymn to be now sung! It will be: to the one who loves me, and who washed me of my sins in his blood"...

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