Now I see

Now I see

"We saw and we show that the Father sent the Son to be the Rescuer of the world." 1 Jean 4:14

"(said Jesus:) sound Writings, it is them who return testimony of me." Jean 5:39

      Jesus meets a blind man since his birth. Having put in him some mud as cream on eyes, he sends him to wash itself in the reservoir of "Siloé" (which means "Messenger"). The man obeys, he washes himself and returns, cured, to his village. He who had never seen, shows: "I was blind, and now I see"!

      Before curing him, Jesus asserted: "I am the light of the world" (v. 5). This blind person was in the incapacity to see Jesus, but, by washing himself to Siloé, his eyes open, not because he saw Jesus, but because he listened to him and believed.

      The testimony that it returns to Jesus always becomes more bright. He speaks at first about a man called a Jesus, then of a prophet, then a man of God. Finally, Jesus comes to meet him and tells him: "do you Believe in the Son of God? … You saw him, and the one who speaks to you, it is him".

      - "I believe, Lord", his answer is. Such is the light which grows in a heart, until the full day is established (Proverbs 4:18). He knows that Jesus is the Son of God.

      This person blind from birth represents us all. Of birth, we are morally blind, incapable to discern Jesus, "the light of the world". To see him, the eyes of our heart must be opened (Éphésiens 1:18). The Word of God (waters of Siloé) makes us discover Jesus, the Messenger of God. Thanks to her, our eyes open to "the light of the life". We believe that Jesus is the Rescuer, the Son of God. We proclaim with enjoyment: "I was blind, but now I see".

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