Our life, some time

Our life, some time

"Our looks not being fixed to what sees itself, but on what does not see itself: because the things which see each other are temporary, but those who do not see each other are eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

      The Bible presents the brevity of the life through various images. You "do not know what will arrive the day of tomorrow (because what your life? - it is only a vapor which appears for some time and then disappears)" (Jacques 4:14). "My days faint as the smoke" (Psalm 102:3). This fast progress of our life on the earth calls out to us: what is there later? Does everything finish there?

      The life on the earth is only some time, answers us the Bible, but a decisive time. It is indeed imperative to enter into a relationship now with our creator. Jesus declared from the beginning of his education: "Regret and believe in the Gospel" (Marc 1:15). "The one who hears my word, and who believes the one who sent to me, has the eternal life and does not come in judgment; but he passed of the death in the life" (Jean 5:24).

      Now it is necessary to regret and to receive free of charge the eternal life. It is not simply the continuation of the existence which we know today. It is a new life given to the one who believes the only real God, and the one that he sent, Jesus Christ (Jean 17:3). She allows even the believers to envisage serenely the death, because they are bound by the same life to Christ who is in the sky. They are going to cross the eternity in its presence, as he asked for it to his Father: "I want, as for those whom you gave me, that where I am, I, they are also with me there" (Jean 17:24).

      Especially, do not allow to pass the time, this invaluable now, "the favorable time; it is now the day of the safety" (2 Corinthians 6:2).

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