Our story and his

Our story and his

"All the head is sick and all the heart is unwell. Since the sole of the foot up to the head everything is wound, and bruise, and open wounds." Ésaïe 1:5, 6

"They shouted in the Eternal in their distress, and he freed them … He sent his word and cured them." Psalm 107:19, 20

      "In the Bible, there are strange stories and even hard stories", noticed somebody to whom I had advised of the lira.

      It's true. In the Old Testament especially, there are many stories which are far from being beautiful, which are even scandalous and reprehensible. But if they were not there, the Bible would not be the true. She shows us the men such as God sees them, without this hypocritical mask behind which they hide so often. Murders, adulteries, rapes, alcoholism, idolization, lies, treasons nothing is saved to us, so that we do no illusion on the depths of wickedness of the human heart. God, who always tells the truth to us, invites us to recognize myself in the little flattering portrait that he makes several characters whose behavior he condemns. Even when it comes to his servants, he lets cross nothing.

      And the most terrible of all the narratives of the Bible, the most revealing of the state of revolt of the man against God, is not it the crime committed against his Son come on the earth to make his love known?

      On this bottom desperately dark, gets loose the pure and spotless story of Jesus such as Gospels tell it to us. The contrast between its attitudes, its words, its feelings, and ours, bursts at every step of its path. Wonderful story, which darkens miserable adventure of the humanity! We read it with worship.

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