Peace of mind

Peace of mind

"[Jesus Christ] made the peace by the blood of his cross." Colossiens 1:20

"You who were formerly far, you were approached by the blood of the Christ. Because it is him who is our peace." Éphésiens 2:13, 14

      The concern and the anxiety mark strongly our time. The constraints of the current company are there often the cause. The solitude, the fear of the next day, also hunt the peace of our spirit. What is it thus that the peace of mind? It is a feeling of safety bound to certainties. If you mention this topic around you, the reactions will be very often: "the peace? It is exactly for what I look, but how to obtain him?" "The peace! It is a mirage, an illusion!" How, indeed, know the peace, the serenity, in a more and more individualistic company, disturbed by the stress, the claiming, the uncertainties …

      The Bible brings answer and solution to this question. Jesus tells his followers before going to the cross: "I leave you the peace, I give you my peace. I do not give you, me, as the world gives" (Jean 14:27). He left them the peace because on the cross he was going to make the peace with God for them, by undergoing the judgment which deserved their sins. Then, resuscitated, Jesus was going to meet them and to tell them, as in all those who believe in him: "peace to you", giving them the peace of mind, its peace.

      Is not it exactly what it needs that to those who are alone and shy, disturbed? Receive Jesus Christ as my Rescuer and Master, but also experiment its presence, its peace, from now on in my heart. I would still about be afraid about the circumstances of the life, the death, the future when resuscitated Jesus comes to tell me: I give you my peace, a peace without limit, not as the world give!

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