Peace or bitterness (1)

Peace or bitterness (1)

"Instead of the peace I had bitterness on bitterness; but you, you liked my soul, removing her from the pit of destruction, because you threw all my sins behind your back." Ésaïe 38:17

      In our civilized said countries, we notice that numerous people are victims of disparities, striking injustices … The trivialized lie, the hypocrisy, the pride, running in the money, often to the detriment of the poor people, motivate so many activities in a company which nevertheless wants to give itself good facade. The Bible calls all this evil: the sin; he plunges the humanity into a big suffering and a lot of bitterness. How to react, if it is not by the revolt, the vengeance? It is the path in which Satan would want to pull the humanity for his destruction.

      But God, who created us, loves us. There is no bitterness in the heart in spite of all our insults. He has another path to be proposed to us: that of love. Jesus came on the earth to make him to us known. He loved us up to the extreme: he left his life for his enemies! By going to the cross to make the peace, he said: "I am the path, and the truth and the life" (Jean 14:6). Today the one who agrees to make a step with him, knows that Jesus Christ liked his soul, that he concerned the cross the punishment which deserved his sins. For God, they are as thrown behind the back. He doesn't remember, and Jesus tells the one who trusts him: the peace is with you!

      Then, if you made this first step with Jesus, you are ready to make the second. Jesus tells us: "love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you; so you will be the sons of your Father who is in heavens" (Matthieu 5:44, 45).

      (Continuation tomorrow)

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