"(Jesus said:) I do not receive glory of the men … You do not look for the glory which comes from only God." Jean 5:41, 44

"If I glory myself, my glory is nothing; it is my Father who glorifies me." Jean 8:54

"God resuscitated [Jesus Christ] of the deaths and gave him the glory." 1 Pierre 1:21

      In period of elections, every candidate tries be known, to gather, to convince by attractive promises …

      When Jesus came on the earth, he was the promised Messiah, the king of Jews. He would have been able too, to assert his titles, to use his miracles to incur the favor of the crowds. He did not make him. On the contrary, he lived in a profound humility (Matthieu 11:29). When there was of the incredulity in hearts, he made fewer miracles (Matthieu 13:58). But numerous crowds followed him because his love and its condolence attracted them. Jesus told the truth always clearly, without making up her. The conformity of its acts and its word with the holy Writings was recognized by all.

      Jesus did not look for the popularity. When his brothers undertake him to go "to show to the world" (Jean 7:4), by going to the party to Jerusalem to make admire its miracles, he stays where he is. When his followers inform him that everybody looks for him, he says simply: "let us go somewhere else" (Marc 1:38). And when we want to make him king, he withdraws in the solitude to ask, because the moment of God so that it reigns did not come (Jean 6:15) yet.

      God found his pleasure in this humble and faithful man the happiness of which was to make the divine will (Matthieu 17:5). It is the same characters which should shine in the life of every believer livened up by Christ's life.

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