Pray with the heart

Pray with the heart

"(Jesus said:) when you ask, do not repeat empty words." Matthieu 6:7

"God listened to me; he paid attention on the voice of my prayer." Psalm 66:19

      A Christian family is gathered for the meal. The girl asks if she can make the prayer. His father allows it him. She tilts the head and says very quickly: "God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for this food. Amen!"

      - Where did you learn this prayer? He asks him.

      - It is the lady of the day nursery who makes her to us repeat every time to the break of the snack.

      - Of course, in the day nursery, there is/are not only Christians. But you, who are you for God?

      - His child!

      - We too. Then together we speak at the same time to God and to our Father … We can also tell him that we like him. He likes hearing the voice of his children!

      The next day, in the lunch, both youngs ask to ask. The three-year-old boy begins by trying to imitate the style of his dad and the tone of his voice. But the most affecting, it is to hear him directly to God. He thanks him not only for the good meal, but also for the enjoyment to be together, and asks him that the journey of return goes well. Then her sister asks. She begins by reciting her small poem: God is great, God is good but at once she adds: "now I am going to ask …" By listening to him, I think of what one of the followers asked to Jesus: "Lord, teach us to ask" (Luc 11:1). Let us teach to our children, even to the youngest, how to approach God to speak to him with confidence, simplicity and the truth.

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