Risks and warnings

Risks and warnings

"God once speaks, and twice, and we are not careful there." Job 33:14

"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts." Hebrew 3:15

      In April 6th, 2009: the earth trembles in the Italian city of L'Aquila. Houses and buildings collapse on the sleepy inhabitants. 308 people are killed. The emotion in the country is immense. Some also are angry, considering that experts' committee gathered six days previously did not know how to estimate the risks of a disaster or was not rather clear in its conclusions.

      The western company wants to eliminate at the most the risks, known or likely, and it in all the domains. But warnings are far from being always listened to. And it does not date from today. The Bible brings back to us that the men were warned in a clear way that God was going to destroy the world by a deluge (Genesis 6 and 7). Noé built the arc only because he had believed and obeyed the Word of God, and only Noé and his family entered it and were saved.

      Today God tells still clearly to the men that the safety is offered to every person who believes, by regretting, in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the cross. He also tells us that the only way to escape the judgment and the condemnation is to believe in the sacrifice of his Son.

      Listen to the Word of God! "Who believes in the Son (of God) has the eternal life; but which breaks the Son will not see the life, but the anger of God live on him" (Jean 3:36). Tomorrow he will be maybe too late.

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