Spiritual crises

Spiritual crises

"I write you, fathers, because you know the one who is from the beginning … Young people, because you overcame the Miserable … Grandchildren, because you know the Father." 1 Jean 2:13

      From the Antiquity, we distinguished three old age in the life: the youth, the adulthood and the old age. In the Bible we also find the "spiritual" ages of the believers: there are the grandchildren, the young people and the fathers (1 Jean 2:13). The spiritual age does not still coincide with the physical age. For example, the one who comes to believe in the Christ at the age of 60 is all the same a grandchild in the faith.

      All those who believed in Lord Jésus train together God's family. They all have the same new life, Christ's life. The grandchild in the faith knows God as his Father. It is called to increase spiritually, to deepen its relation with God. The apostle Jean thus addresses the fathers, the young people, the grandchildren, by giving them instructions corresponding to the normal stages of their growth under the education of the Word of God and the care of the Father, when they are allowed train by him (see Hebrew 12:6-8,11).

      In a series of leaves distributed over several weeks, we shall evoke some critical moments which we can cross (we shall call them "crises"). Some are necessary, the first one especially, most are accidental. We shall lean on examples of the Bible and we shall learn from it.

      So we shall see: the meeting with the Lord, the call to the service, the failures and the doubt, the disease, the conflict, the incomprehension; but also the deliveries, the serenity, the test and its results.

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