Tell yes God

Tell yes God

"(Jesus said:) you do not want to come to me to have the life." Jean 5:40

"Be careful not to refuse the one who speaks, the one who so speaks heavens." Hebrew 12:25

      In one of his works, the famous biologist Jean Rostand (1894-1977) wrote: "I said no to God, by asserting things a little bit brutally, but all the time the question returns. I say myself: is it possible?" Constantly requested by the wonders of nature which he could not attribute at random, he refused to recognize it the hand of God.

      The base of the faith, it is to answer yes God's invitation. God's kindness pushes us to the repentance so that we are saved, but he does not force us to say yes.

      To say no to God, it is to refuse the calls which reach us by multiple channels. Wonders of nature, a word of the Gospel, a conversation with a religious friend, an ill-being of our consciousness, are so many calls of his grace.

      But how "tell yes God"? Imagine that you are in a room where the closed shutters prevent the sunlight from entering. So that she is lit it is enough to open shutters! It is not a question of making the light but of removing the obstacle to its distribution. Also in the field of the faith. What are the obstacles between God and us? Let us agree to be allowed shine by the light which comes from what he tells us in the Bible. Let us ask him that Jesus, who is this light, comes to highlight in our life all which opposes him, and fills our heart of its thoughts and his love. Jesus Christ wants to enter it as host and rescuer. Trust him to tell quite that's it yes God. There begin the peace and the certainties.

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