That's where the problem lies!

That's where the problem lies!

"If we say that we have no sin, we seduce ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, [God] is a believer and a just man to forgive us our sins." 1 Jean 1:8, 9

      François is honest, serious, hard-working. It is a good husband, a good father, a good neighbor, a good colleague … He hurts nobody, he is helpful. Everybody estimates it. He can think: "I have nothing to blame me. If somebody deserves the paradise, it is me …" But what says Jesus? "I did not come to call just men, but sinners in the repentance" (Luc 5:32). "It is not healthy people who need a doctor, but those who are in poor shape" (Matthieu 9:12).

      If François thinks of being "just" and "morally healthy", the calls of the Rescuer do not concern him, he lives very well without him, and that's where the problem lies …

      For others, François is a "respectable" man, but God sees up to the bottom of his heart. An impure thought, a small lie of politeness, or a little of egoism are enough to make of him "a sinner" … And his exemplary life cannot erase a single sin. The paradise, where the sin cannot enter, is thus closed to him.

      In reality, in front of God, François is nor "just", because "there is no just man, not even the only one" (Romain 3. 10), nor "healthy moral", because "the heart is misleading and incurable" (Jérémie 17:9). It is necessary to accept God's verdict: "there is no just man". And recognize also his big love. God sent his Son so that he carries the punishment which deserved our sins. This is evidenced by the blood of Jesus Christ. He flowed in the cross to cleanse us of any sin (1 Jean 1:7). At this price, and at this price only, the one who believes in him can be just in front of God.

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