The men the richest in the world

"You know the grace of our Lord Jésus Christ: for you, him who was rich lived in the poverty, so that by his poverty you are enriched." 2 Corinthians 8:9

       The sovereign of a quite small State of the southern hemisphere would be, it seems, one of those. The gold spreads out everywhere in its palace: his throne is solid gold, its scepter also, and its residence would count more than 1800 rooms …

       But all the fortune accumulated by this monarch will not allow him to buy its eternal safety. He will leave this world as the poorest of the mortal, the empty hands. We can, of course, get indignant in front of social inequalities, consider them scandalous. Or still begin to dream: what would I make, me, if I had the billion dollar only one?

       Let us not envy this profusion of the ground properties. Let us look for, if we have not already found him, the only treasure which is eternal, the only one who can be divided in the infinity without ever decreasing, and who is offered without counterparty to all the human beings: the treasure of the knowledge of God by Jesus Christ the Rescuer. To allow us to possess him, to know God himself as our Father, the Son of God is a day deprived of all the glory of the sky, to join the poorest on the earth. To take on him their suffering, fill their poverty. More than it, in the cross Jesus gave his life, in ransom for all, then he is resuscitated and he rose to the sky. You can say as the apostle: "the Son of God loved me and was engaged himself for me" (Galates 2:20)? Then you possess for ever the biggest of treasures: Jesus in the sky.

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