The one who has the Son has the life

The one who has the Son has the life

"The one who has the Son has the (eternal) life, the one who has no Son of God has no life." 1 Jean 5:12

      A rich collector of oeuvres of art had lost his only son during the Vietnam War. A few months after the end of the war, a man holding a voluminous package appeared at his home by saying: "when I was a soldier, your son saved me. He often spoke to me about you and about your love for the art. I offer you his(her,its) portrait, I painted him(it) myself". Profoundly moved, the father thanked him.

      In the death of this one, all that he possessed is put up for auction, including his masterpieces. This day, the made auctioneer bring the portrait of the son and announces: "first bid, for this portrait". Silence, no offer. Police captain(commissioner) insists … A voice shouts with the bottom of the room: "ten dollars". It is the gardener who for a long time maintains the property.

      The impatient assistance thinks that we are finally going to turn to serious matters … But the auctioneer announces: "the sale is closed. The deceased had subjected(submitted) these bids to a secret arrangement: the one who would buy the portrait of the son would inherit from the whole domain, including all the paintings".

      This narrative evokes the history of another only son, about whom speaks to us the Bible, a narrative which concerns each of us: "God both loved the world and it gave his Only son, so that whoever believes in him does not die, but so that it has the eternal life" (Jean 3:16). To benefit from divine love, receive the divine grace, be a heir of God, it is enough to call upon the name of Jesus, the Son of God. There is no other path!

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