Two foundations

Two foundations

"Christ died for our sins, according to Writings; he was buried, and he was resuscitated the third day, according to Writings." 1 Corinthians 15:3

"Having made by himself the purification of the sins, he sits in the right of the majesty in the high places." Hebrew 1:3

      - The death of Jesus Christ in the cross is the base on which God realizes all his plans of grace to the humanity. It is, and will be eternally, the biggest proof of love of our God Rescuer. "It is carried out", said Jesus by dying for culprits, on the cross (Jean 19:30). This word seals the fact that its work is finished. "It is carried out": a single word in the original language, which we registered at the foot of a paid invoice. It is this word which is carried at the foot of the long list of my sins, if I believe that Christ carried the punishment in the cross. I am then made just in front of God. "Justified free of charge by his grace, by the redemption which is in the Christ a Jesus" (Romain 3:24).

      - The resurrection of Jesus by the divine power gives evidence that its work perfectly satisfied God's justice. If Jesus died for our faults, God resuscitated him for our justification (Romain 4:25)

      Yes, near God, everything is perfectly carried out to save completely the lost man. He gave the proofs. He announces it to the men and waits for the answer of their heart. What will be mine?

      - The doubt, which makes of God a liar?

      - The pride, which does not want to submit itself to God?

      - The claim to bring to God of the works capable of saving me, as if that of Christ was insufficient?

      - The ingratitude to the one who died for me?

      - The indifference?

      - Either the faith which accepts simply the gift of God and Christ's work to save me?

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