Well, bad

Well, bad

"Woe to those who call the bad good, and the bad good." Ésaïe 5:20

"Loathe the evil, stand firm in the good." Romain 12:9

      In the Christianized countries, he still has little time there, the collective consciousness recognized a distinction enter the good and evil, based on the education of the Bible, for nor recognize very without knowing it the authority. Today, on numerous points which the Bible condemns, he becomes forbidden to say: "it is bad". The estrangement of God and a more or less asserted atheism erase any moral reference. More still, on the pretext of secularism, of freedom, it is the rebellion against God who gains ground.

      But the Bible, Word of God, remains the unchanging reference of the Christian who wants to be faithful. She always teaches him what is good and what is bad in the eyes of God. She teaches him the attitude to be taken towards what is bad. She leads him to do good in her relations with her fellow men. God does not ask to the believer to try to improve a situation condemned by his Word, nor to behave in the world as if this one was in order, no more than to become used to what makes dirty the spirit. Even in the middle of an immoral world, God teaches to the believer a path, a path of purity approved by him. The Christian learns to discern him by the faith, for his good (Hebrew 5:14). It is the path which Jesus the Rescuer, the perfect man, drew (Acts 10:38).

      Christians, let us remember his prayer concerning those whom he acquired: "I do not make the demand that you remove them from the world, but that you keep them of the evil" (Jean 17:15).

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