What goes out of wealth?

What goes out of wealth?

"Do not accumulate treasures on the earth, where the moth and the rust destroy, and where the thieves make burglary and steal; but accumulate treasures in the sky." Matthieu 6:19, 20

      Often extended beyond by a daily overactivity, we risk to forget that the time is a precious foodstuff, passing by inevitably. Our life is little as the flame of a candle which ignites in our birth then wastes away. Every moment moves closer to us from the day when she will have to go out. All that we have is condemned to disappear in a more or less close future. Goodbye wealth, skills, reputation, tangible assets … The death will make me leave for ever this world of beings and material! And I have to think about it.

      Then, in the face of this term, how to use with wisdom the life which is confided to me, before she wastes away completely? The Bible declares that "the things which see each other are temporary, but those who do not see each other are eternal" (2 Corinthians 4:18). The divine Word also distinguishes two sorts of wealth, and it is essential to seize well what differentiates them.

      The ground wealth, those who see each other, are temporary: the money, the success under all its forms, but also a long and peaceful life, a good health, a family …

      The spiritual wealth, which do not see each other, are permanent: God's forgiveness, certainty of the safety, the eternal life, fact that God became our Father by adopting us, by making of us his children by the work of his Son Jesus Christ.

      The real wisdom consists in looking for these wealth, which will keep their value during the eternity.

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