What I know about God?

What I know about God?

"We know that the Son of God came, and he(it) gave us an intelligence so that we knew the Real; and we are in the Real, that is in his Son Jesus Christ: the eternal life is him the real God and." 1 Jean 5:20

      "What we can know of God since the creation of the world, what he(it) of invisible there in him, that is at the same time his(its) eternal power and its divinity, discerns by means of the intelligence, according to created things" (Romain 1:19,20). Was I already allowed amaze by the creation, this cradle of the humanity shaped by God, this nature which surrounds me? If yes, me "affected(touched) God, as gropingly" (Acts 17:27), I know that he exists, even if I did not see him.

      But God still showed himself more magnificently. God, whom nobody has ever seen, sent his Son on the earth, and by him was known (Jean 1:18). Jesus, at the same time God and man, is a closer witness for the men(people) than the created nature. He lived among them, he consoled bruised hearts, cured of the hands, resuscitated the deaths … "God was in Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:19).

      Four Gospels present us this unique person. From his conception, Jesus was the holy child, God makes flesh-coloured. All his(her,its) life on the earth shone with the fact whom was God: love and light. If we recognize that we face this perfect life of Jesus, we can wonder why God did not condemn us … Reader, if you really want to know who is a God, read the Gospel up to the back page. The cross of the Christ is what we can know of more wonderful about God's justice, which by love did not save(spare) his Son.

      If you do not possess the Gospel, he will be sent to you free of charge on request at our mailing address or on: www.evangilegratuit.com

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