What the repentance?

What the repentance?

"(Said Jesus:) I did not come to call just men, but sinners in the repentance." Luc 5:32

"Regret and believe in the Gospel." Marc 1:15

"God's kindness pushes you to the repentance." Romain 2:4

      A listener asks an evangelist:

      - You say that it is necessary to become Christian, I wish it for a long time. I told yes all the calls to the conversion for months. What we told me, I made him, but nothing passed, nothing changed …

      - Madam, we can read together another text of the Bible? The clergyman reads the first verse above and ask:

      - Did Jesus come for you? There, she admits him that she cannot get free of an irregular moral life.

      - A difficult choice appears at you, but nothing is too difficult for God. Recognize the evil which we make, that's it, to regret.

      - But nobody has ever told me that! We told me to believe in Jesus, but not to regret me!

      To believe in Jesus, it is to approach him, such as we are. God took the shape of a man, and thus in Jesus he is accessible to all, as in the time of the Gospel. But it also is to let us affect by what God is: love and light. Let him light our heart and that is our life, by believing its word. We shall have then on everything the same appreciation as him. Not to make only a report, but to judge and abandon what is not compatible any more with what he showed us. We shall be aware to have offended him. That's it the repentance, one of the first results that God's life produces in us. It is not a natural movement, because our pride opposes it; but God's kindness pushes us there.

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