What upset me

What upset me

"You want the truth in the inner man." Psalm 51:6

"(Said Jesus:) in this all will know that you are my followers, if you have love between you." Jean 13:35

      "I was born in a country of the Maghreb. I tried sincerely to please God but I always felt a space which I did not manage to identify. My friends said that, to be completed, I missed only the prayer.

      - To move closer to me to God, it is more necessary to me that it. It is in my heart that there is a lack.

      - But exactly you have very good heart, you make a lot and you love everybody.

      - No, this has nothing to do.

      One day, by watching TV, I fell on a broadcast where a man proclaimed: "you all come to me, who you get tired and who be in charge, and I, I shall give you of the rest". This verse (Matthieu 11:28) moves me even today.

      Then, I met a friend who told me that he was Christian. I told him that I would like to go to the church. He indicated me an address. The worship(cult) began at 10 am. By watching the Christians arriving, I was seized by their simplicity. They greeted each other with kindness, men, women, young people, old man, without making of difference. It upset me! It was exactly what I had inhaled: a real simplicity, the true affection, brotherly love.

      For this day, I went regularly to Christian meetings. I discovered that we do not reach the paradise by good works, sacrifices or the respect for rules, but by the faith to Lord Jésus Christ."


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