What we know

What we know

"We know that any things work together for the good of those who love God, of those who are called according to his intention." Romain 8:28

"God leads everything at the good end for me." Psalm 57:2

      The Christian is, as everybody, confronted with unpleasant events, contrarieties, tests which he does not understand … It can disrupt him and make him perplexed. Nevertheless, he can say: we know (Romain 8:28). It "we know" is as a rock in the middle of a moderate sea, as a lighthouse in the fog.

      - "We know": it is not "we hope"; it is not either "we understand", because very often, exactly, we do not understand! But "we know", it is a certainty absolved for the faith.

      - "That any things": no event, nothing, can escape it "any things", it includes everything!

      - "Work together": without our knowledge maybe, the events of our lives articulate and work together in a purpose which God fixed. Nothing is useless, nothing results from the fate.

      - "For the good": the situations which he allows can be unpleasant, and the opposite circumstances. But, whatever happens, God always wants our good. In his grace, he even takes advantage of the "evil" (for example, of our breaches) to do good to us.

      - "Of those who love God": God is love, and his love is paid into the heart of his children by the holy Spirit (Romain 5:5). "To love God" is thus the characteristic line of the family of God, of his children.

      - "Of those who are called according to his intention": it is a God who suggested looking and finding these people, and saving them. Now, he takes care of them, and it up to the end.

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