Where are you?

Where are you?

"Eternal God called the man, and tells him: Where are you?" Genesis 3:9

      The devil, by his seduction, managed to make the human beings of the wisdom and God's kindness doubt, their Creator. Pride, doubt and distrust pulled them in the disobedience open to the command of God Adam and Eve so gave up to the sin and lost the peace of the communion with God. The relation which they had with their Creator was broken. Furthermore, this situation of disobedience distorted their relation the one with the other one, because Adam attributed to Eve the responsibility of their common fault.

      And how did they react both, when the voice of their consciousness accused them? They hid, thinking that they could escape with regard to God. No confession, no return, not a word to recognize that they had wasted the situation.

      Today still, the men want to live without God. Many so fell low in their blindness and their rebellion against God whom they do not even notice in which sad conditions they are.

      "Where are you?" Tells us God. He knows him perfectly, but kindly he calls each, as formerly Adam. God looks for those who recognize themselves lost. He loved us the first one. He went as far as giving his Son, Jesus Christ, to save us. And Jesus agreed to take on him the punishment that deserved our pride, our doubts, our disobediences, our insults all with which our fly-away heart is filled. Now, on the basis of the sacrifice of his Son in the cross, God offers to each his grace and his forgiveness. Today let us seize his grace … Let us not hide any more!

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