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"Eternal! Teach me your path; I shall walk in your truth; unite my heart with the fear of your name." Psalm 86:11

"I shall educate you, and I shall teach you the path where you have to walk." Psalm 32:8

      I am expected in a city which I do not still know. I am not any more very far from my final destination, but it is difficult to me to spot me, especially with the stress caused by toots behind me. I prefer to park to connect my GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM). In a short time, the system located me. I register the name of the street for which I look, and the route quickly appears. I am the indications and I soon hear the reassuring message: you arrived.

      Well, the Bible is not for the outcome of the life much more than this GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM), sure average which leads to the wished purpose? For a question so serious, trust its intuition or the advice of people the skill of which we ignore can only mislead us. Be conscious that I am lost shows me the necessity of using him.

      First question: where am I? Is not it in a dead end? Let us call her if you want the street of the Perdition, the Despair, the Sin, the Death. Is it there really, in this sinister place and without outcome, that I intend to stay always? No, it's time to go out of it.

      The second question: what is my destination? I do not look for the death but for the life, for the eternal life. The Bible indicates me a route without defect. Jesus said: "the one who believes in me has the eternal life" (Jean 6:47). And all those who believe hear then this happy message: "you have the eternal life, you who believe in the name of the Son of God" (1 Jean 5:13).

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