You said: sinned?

You said: sinned?

"The salary of the sin, it is the death; but the gift of grace of God, it is the eternal life in the Christ Jesus, our Lord." Romain 6:23

"Christ died for our sins." 1 Corinthians 15:3

      Each has its definition of the sin, its opinion on this matter.

      - The one will say: it is an idea of the Middle Ages invented by the church to frighten the believers and maintain them under duress.

      - The sin? Will answer an other one. It is about murder, about rape, about misappropriation of fund, crimes against humanity, all these things which deserve the prison. I make nothing of that kind!

      - The third will insist: fortunately, we are less severe today than formerly. The old notions of modesty, purity, and even loyalty in the marriage are at present overtaken. They pulled a lot of hypocrisy …

      But the important, it is not how you and me, we define the sin, it is how God judges it; and he shows him in the Bible. The sin, it is any action contrary to God's will, or that does not take into account it. For example, any lie is a sin. God is holy and can only condemn the sin, but he forgives on the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, died on our place.

      And whom does he forgive? There also the notices postpone. In the best, in the least guilty? No, answers the Word of God. A single condition is enough, so that you, me, or the worst criminal, we are forgiven: "thus regret and be converted, so that your sins are erased" (acts 3:19). The gift of grace of God about which speaks the verse quoted this day is granted to every person who regrets, believes in Lord Jésus and recognizes him as his Rescuer.

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