Young, pray!

Young, pray!

"God listened to me; he paid attention on the voice of my prayer." Psalm 66:19

"in the day when I shall be afraid, I shall confide in you." Psalm 56:3

      "Fabien, says a mother her son who left the house to leave at sea, if ever you are in trouble, asks God!" Up to there he had never agreed to put his life supervised by God. Her mother in concern said himself: if he wanted at least to think of him when he will have difficult times!

      Fabien, energetic as many young people of his age, did not see the necessity of asking. Anyway, he wanted to decide himself on his life.

      However, from the first crossing, it was forced to ask. Only on the bridge, while he was occupied to an ordinary task which would not have made lose the balance in an experimented sailor, he was overboard planned by an abrupt and unexpected shock.

      "O God, if you exist, proves him now!" He shouted before sinking into waters.

      God was attentive. At this moment, a sailor came to its search. Nobody on the bridge … Looking immediately at the sea, he perceived Fabien's head which came out of the water. With many efforts, he manages to save him at the last minute. Fabien, again in safety on board, spoke about his short prayer, but nothing changed in its life.

      Nevertheless, on the return to this crossing, he agreed to accompany her mother in a meeting of evangelization. God existed well, had not he showed a great kindness to him? How could he remain insensible? An internal voice told him: "Fabien, does not resist any more!" Regretting, he confessed then to God that he had often despised his calls. He received the forgiveness and the peace by the faith in Jesus Christ.

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