Adam, the first one and the last one

Adam, the first one and the last one
"By a single man the sin entered the world, and by the sin the death … As, by the disobedience of a single man (Adam), many were established sinners, of even also, by the obedience of a single (Jesus Christ), many will be established just men." Romain 5:12,19
       Adam, the first man, is our ancestor to all. Object of the care of his Creator, and placed in a place of delights where nothing missed him, Adam listened to Satan and doubted God. He turned away from him and sinned. He so became by his fault the leader of the human beings: these have for common line to be sinners, distant from God, and they deserve his condemnation.

      But Jesus Christ, the second man, the "last one Adam" (1 Corinthians 15:45-47), came on the earth to remedy this desperate situation. He too was tempted by Satan, not in the paradise, but in the desert, in the middle of wild animals. Urged to question the word and God's kindness, he resisted by this Word, and kept an absolved confidence in God. He obeyed him up to the death, giving his life onto the cross for the sinners. From now on, Jesus is resuscitated, Satan and the death are overcome. Jesus became then a new leader for all those who believe in him: their faults are forgiven for ever, God does not see them any more as sinners, but as just men, they definitively left the line to which they belonged by their natural birth.

      The contrast is complete. One of the families leads to the judgment and to the eternal death, the other one to the safety and to the eternal life.

       Important question: who is my leader? Adam sinner, turning the back on God? Or Jesus Christ, the "last one Adam" (there will not be of other one), the Rescuer?

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