come back as thou art

"Return…, says the Lord; I will not weigh on you a face angry, because I am good." Jeremiah 3:12
"As it was still far off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to him, threw himself on his neck and covered him with kisses." Luke 15:20

         in a village of Brazil, a mother is concerned. A few days ago, his daughter of 18 years is part leaving this word: "I am in Rio, I tired of this hole where it never happens Nothing, I want to live my life and m burst to the city". Long months pass, without new. At the end, there taking more, the MOM collects his savings and goes to Rio de Janeiro. There, she installs in a cab and photographic prints hundreds of portraits of itself; then she wrote a small message on the back of each. It browses then through the streets of the city, entering each hotel, each cinema, each disco, to remove well in evidence its photo in the lobby. Then, short of money, she returns to her home.

         One morning, his daughter descends in the lobby of a hotel. It is more than the shadow of itself, its life of debauchery has done aging prematurely. His eyes catching the photo of his mother; it takes hold, the looks long, then the returns. It then reads this message: "Little m matter what thou art become, and little m matter what thou hast done. I t in requests, come back to the house!"

         young man, a young girl who read these lines, you may be in the process of destroying thy life. And thou who es adult, it may be that thou hast scars nonerasable. But all is not lost! The Living God t called today: "I love you as you are, I have given my son for it to be sentenced to your place. I t look, come back to me, I will not refuse thee".

(After Paul Washer)

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