Ecology (1): a current question

Ecology (1): a current question
"That heavens are delighted, and that the earth amuses itself; that the sea bruie, and all which fills her, that fields are delighted, and all which is in them! Then all the trees of the forest will sing of enjoyment, in front of the Eternal; because he comes, because he comes to judge the earth." Psalm 96:11-13
     It was in 1972 during an invitation in a family in Versailles. In the conversation, a student in agronomy slid the word "ecology". Each, surprised, wondered if he was the only one not to know this term …

     That of path traveled since! Not only the word ecology is known of all, but he is at the heart of numerous concerns, these last years.

     The men became aware of their responsibility with regard to the nature. Natural resources are limited, and moreover partially already destroyed. The animal life, as the plant life, is affected and many sorts disappear. The pollution is irreversible …

     With this grip of consciousness, new fears invade the spirits, in particular: that are going to become our children? A guilt appears: we wasted our most precious good, our beautiful planet.
Guilt towards whom? Towards the humanity. Yes, the humanity will suffer from it, but it is not her which had given us this good. This guilt is to the Creator. What's to be done then? Let us turn to him to ask him, to look also in the Bible which is its thought towards the whole nature. He will show us while there is something more urgent still.

      God will intervene at the appropriate time to give a new youth to the nature during Christ's reign (to see Ésaïe 11.9; 35:1). But today he calls each: "Turn to me, and be saved" (Ésaïe 45:22).

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