Ecology (3): neither only material, nor God

Ecology (3): neither only material, nor God
"You formerly based the earth, and heavens are the work of your hands; they, they will die, but you, you will remain; and they will age all as a garment; you will change them as a dress, and they will be changed; but you, you are the Same, and your years will not finish." Psalm 102:25-27
     For some, the nature would be only material; for others, in contrast, she would be a God.

   For the first ones, everything is material, and God is excluded from their reflection. The technology would be used to lead the humanity towards a progress. There is no superior ethical rule to manage the nature, and it is the only man who has to face the ecological problems.

     For the second, the nature is almost confused with God. In certain currents of thought, we speak about "mother-nature", of "our mother her be in hiding".

     These visions of the nature oppose both what tells us the Bible. At first God is spirit, well over the material, because the world was created by him and is not eternal. Le Monde ages and passes. The technology cannot solve everything …

    But God blew a breath of life in the man (Genesis 2:7). It is what distinguishes him from animals, and makes him responsible in front of God. The nature is not comparable to the man. We have to use the nature while protecting her, but we do not train the same entity with her. Only the man was created just like God (Genesis 1:27).

    God is the Creator, and he speaks to us, him who gave us the capacity to hear and to understand what he says. The nature has no this faculty to communicate so with him. Because God speaks to us, he is entitled to wait for an answer of his creatures: the gratitude, the honor … And only he can be adored.

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