Free to serve our next one?

Free to serve our next one?
"By this we knew love: it is because he (Jesus) left his life for us; and we have to leave our life for the brothers." 1 Jean 3:16
    By reading in Gospels the life of Jesus on the earth, we are impressed to see that, even threatened, abandoned, tortured, he has never given up his purpose. He is the only man to have been completely free by obeying his God:

     - Free when he prefers to be alone and to starved in a desert rather than to act independently of God.

      - Free of any fear: during a storm which frightens his followers, he sleeps peacefully.

    - Free to show love and interest for those who were despised by people of his people: the foreigners, the prostitutes, the Roman occupant, the lepers … He does not hide from members of a religious order who spy on him to find motives for charge against him. He is free of the opinion of others. He denounces clearly their hypocrisy by warning them against the gravity of their state.

      - At night when he is stopped, he does not try to run away and advances on the meeting of his executioners.

     - He stays on the cross instead of asking for the help of the angels to be freed from his enemies, from sufferings and from the death.

      The life of Jesus Christ is unique. He revealed us extreme love until give itself voluntarily to save us from God's judgment.

       He is at first the Rescuer in whom we have to believe. Then he invites each of us who believe in him to love our next one, by serving him as all our heart.

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