God's silence

"When I shout, answer me, God of my justice!" Psalm 4:1
"I waited patiently for the Eternal; and he bent towards me, and heard my shout." Psalm 40:1
        Many Christians thought, once or the other one, than their prayers seemed to collide with God's silence. How to live these silences, this non-answer is similar in our prayers? In this respect, the authors of psalms are for us an example. They did not give up, on the contrary, their prayer made more instante. For what they asked, it was maybe less an audible word than a visible answer by God's intervention coming to their help.

         This God's visible silence learns us to make the difference between our personal thoughts and those of the Lord. "As heavens are raised over the earth, so my ways are raised over your ways, and my thoughts over your thoughts" (Ésaïe 55:9).

          God's silence leads us to take a more just place in front of him, in the confidence, to wait for its delivery without despairing because we know that he loves us. He will answer at the right time and in the best way. This wait should not take away us from its presence, on the contrary. David, author of several psalms, said: "in the bad day [God] will hold me hidden in the secret of his tent; he will raise me on a rock" (psalm 27:5). In another psalm, Asaph, tourmented in his soul, understood God's will by coming simply in his presence (Psalm 73:17).

           God will not still remain silent. At the moment wanted by him, he answers, he frees, he saves.

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