He is still written

He is still written
"(The devil tells Jesus:) if you are Son of God, throw yourself below, because he is written: "he will give orders to his angels on your subject, and they will carry you being afraid that you strike your foot against a stone". Jesus tells him: he is still written: "you will not tempt the Lord your God"." Matthieu 4:6, 7
    When Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert, the devil quotes him the Word of God: "he is written" (psalm 91:11,12). But he quotes her in a incomplete way and outside his context, to incite Jesus to break God. Jesus answers him: "he is still written" and quote a new text of the Word of God with accuracy. Then Satan bows, then goes away.

    Today, Satan also tries to disturb the Christians who read the Bible in a incomplete or superficial way. So, by quoting this word of the Christ: "happy the poor people in spirit", some aspire that the Gospel would lead to the obscurantism!

    If we do not take into account the context, we can pull false conclusions. So, authentic Christians are worried in the idea that they could lose their safety. They interpret badly texts which address people having no divine life, but saying to himself Christians (see Hebrew 6:4-6).

    Christians, do not let we disturb! If a biblical text, taken remotely, seems to contradict the clear education of the other texts, let us replace him in the context, and let us ask to God to get clearer. Will not be lacking to do it. The Word of God is a whole, coherent and true (Psalm 19:9). Let us lean on what is firmly established. The God of the truth does not contradict himself! Let us read the Bible attentively, let us leave every text with its just place. And if Satan tries to disturb us by one "he is written", let us take example on Jesus, and let us answer as him: "he is still written"!

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