I felt tired and aimless (1)

I felt tired and aimless (1)
"It is the root of all kinds of troubles that love of the money: to have been engaged in it, some got lost of the faith and pierced themselves many pains."  1 Timothée 6:10
      "I was born in China. I was educated in the Marxism but I believed in it not at all. My currency was: "we can matter only on oneself". The life was not easy in China. All the members of my family worked hard in the hope of a better future.

      After the university, I obtained a good employment(use). For many, money what had become what there was of more important. The rich looked at the poor people contemptuously and forts exploited weak ones. One day, I realized whom I had become as these rich. And I began to hate myself.

       I felt tired and aimless. Could not people live in peace with pure hearts? Could not they like itself each other? It seemed easy to say, but I knew that was needed a particular strength so that it can come true. And I had no this strength. I asked myself questions without finding of answer.

        My husband and I emigrated in Canada in 2001. We were lucky enough(had the opportunity to make us new friends, Jack and Carol. As soon as I met them, I felt comfortable with them, as if we knew each other for a long time. The more we became close, the more they surprised me. They lived so simply and were so affectionate! We could see the peace and the happiness on the face. How did they make to live so? I wanted to know the secret of this peace and this happiness."
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