I was persuaded that Jesus was the Messiah (2)

I was persuaded that Jesus was the Messiah (2)
"Jesus tells them: for what do you look? They told him: … Master, where do you live? He tells them: come and see. They thus went and turn where he lived; and they lived with him." Jean 1:38,39
       "I recognized in Jesus a rabbi who told the truth. He spoke in a context which every Jew could understand, in a way which struck me. I approved him in every narrative of Gospels. After several weeks, I declared that I was really persuaded that Jesus was the Messiah, and that I considered as one of his followers. I did not need particular revelation, but a simple faith: I had the insurance to belong to the one who was died and resuscitated so that I can have the eternal life.

       When I returned to France, my parents rather badly reacted to my new commitment. They felt betrayed because they thought that I had turned the back on the hopes that they had based on me. To be able to grow in my new faith, I needed a new start. I thus decided to go to Canada. And I married Judy in 1976, love had gathered us. I would so much have loved that my parents are present, but they had stopped speaking to me since I had confessed my faith in Jesus. During eleven years, they refused to communicate with me. It is only when our children were born that they were kind enough to retie the contact, and I thank God for it.

      I have never regretted having placed my confidence in Jesus and having put back my life between his/her hands. In him I found the answers to the essential questions of the life. And I am always grateful for it to God."

According to William

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