In Search of the Truth (1)

"The sum of your word is the truth." Psalm 119: 160
"I have joy in your word, like a man who finds great loot." Psalm 119: 162


           "I grew up in Canada, in a loving but unbelieving family. Passionate about science, I decided, at age eight, to make my career in astronomy. Later, my studies convinced me that the universe had a beginning, and therefore a cause. But I thought this cause was distant and silent.

         Questioned by the importance of religion in the history of the peoples of the world, I decided to study the writings of European philosophers of the Enlightenment, who had questioned the validity of any form of religion. I found incoherent arguments, evasions, contradictions. I turned then to the founding books of each religion ... telling myself that if the man was the author, his teaching would reflect the human error. But if it were God, his message would be error-free and just as coherent as the facts of nature. So I used historical and scientific facts to check each of the "sacred" books. After a few hours of reading, I found each time one or more data clearly different from historical and scientific facts. This seemed to me incoherent with the character of the Creator revealed by the laws of nature. So I rejected each of these books until I discovered the Bible.

          She was different from other sacred books. It was simple, direct and precise. For a year and a half, I spent an hour a day searching for scientific or historical inaccuracies in the Bible. I had to admit that it contained no errors. "

(to be continued)

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