Is the man free?

Is the man free?
"(Said Jesus:) if you persevere in my word, you are really my followers; you will know the truth, and the truth will free you (will release you) … If thus the Son frees you, you will be really free." Jean 8:31, 32, 36
       The man likes considering independent, imagining that he is free. He thinks that he can make what he wants, to go where he wants, to say what he wants. We remember the slogan: "it is forbidden to forbid" as if it had been enough so that his authors are free! The man remains a slave of his passions, his excessive desires, incurable sound pride! There is slave without being aware of it, deceives of himself. So for example, the conjugal infidelity will be considered as a spring of blooming, the insults as a freedom of expression, a violence as of the self-defense, the dishonesty as a just man with regard to the easy people and we could continue the list.

       God saw us under this slavery of the lie. He came towards us in the person of Jesus Christ to free us from it. By the faith in him and in its sacrifice, the one who receives Jesus in his heart loses any illusion on himself, and receives a new life. Then he discovers that it is possible to make that teaches the Bible, of good heart and with enjoyment, without frustration nor bitterness. Here is the real freedom which is proposed to us.

       Jesus Christ, the only one to have made only the good, lived in a total freedom. It is freely that he indefatigably served the others and that he gave his life. He made him by love for us, by love for his Father, to free us from God's judgment, consequence of our evil deeds. He opened us a path of freedom, in which we can make without constraint what pleases God.

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