Jesus and the religions

Jesus and the religions
"The man is not justified on the basis of the works of law, nor otherwise than by the faith in Jesus Christ" Galates 2:16
    All the religions offer a way to go to God. Ways postpone, but they suggest generally approaching us of God by personal efforts, to raise us towards God supposing that it is possible.

      The message of Jesus is. He does not tell to adopt and to practise a religion, but he offers free of charge to all those who listen to him, the possibility of finding the real relation with God.

Because of our sins, says the Bible, we deserve all the divine condemnation, and we cannot, by our own efforts, escape this condemnation. Then God made the way to us: to free us, he came in the person of Jesus Christ, and Jesus died on our place. God gives me his grace if I believe that Jesus died for my faults.

     This divine grace which was so expensive to him, let us not despise her. The apostle Paul writes: "are you Mistaken the wealth of his kindness, its patience and its long wait, ignoring that God's kindness pushes you to the repentance?" (Romain 2:4).

       God calls each of us. He addresses us today by this short message, because he loves us and wants to make of us his child.

      Jesus tells us: "well, I hold in the door and I knock: if somebody hears my voice and that he opens the door, I shall enter at his home and I shall have supper with him, and him with me" (Apocalypse 3:20).

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