Miss the life

"Work, not for the food which dies, but for the food which lives to the eternal life, the one that the Son of the man (Jesus) will give you." Jean 6:27
"The one who likes his life will lose her; and the one who hates his life in this world will keep her for the eternal life." Jean 12:25
       "You know, I missed the life. I granted myself none of these beaches of reflection that some agree. I was always in the action. The headlong rush. To part to rest me, I made everything in quantity. I had a bulimia of work, pleasure, money and to be able to." These words of a presenter of television and radio show how much it is regrettable to arrive in the evening of its life by declaring that we missed this one.
       We shall take nothing when we shall die, neither money, nor glory, nor power. "We brought nothing in the world, and it is obvious that we can take nothing" (1 Timothée 6:7). What will it remain to us? Nothing, if we have only what comes from this world.
       Nevertheless God invites us to seize now what is really the life. The apostle Paul tells it Timothée: "seize the eternal life". It is not only the life which always lasts, but also which makes us, from now on, uncountable blessings known. How to acquire him? Jesus said: the one who believes in me has the eternal life. To believe in him, it is to receive Jesus, it is to receive the right to be a child of God (Jean 1:12) and to call him Father. She makes us capable of being in communion with the divine people. We can so be guided, educate, help and console in our life on this earth. Our spirit aspires to the happiness, to the peace and to the serenity. This confident relation with God allows us to live all this from today by the faith in Jesus Christ.

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