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"What profit will there be for a man if he gains the whole world, but if he makes the loss of his soul? Or what will give a man in exchange for his soul?" Matthieu 16:26

           Here is the satellite dish which Jesus told to a crowd (Luc 12:16-21):

           - "The domain of a rich man had brought back a lot."

          We know maybe the material prosperity. We can, of course, attribute him to our capacities and to our efforts, but do not forget that she is also connected to God's kindness.

        - "He calculated in himself, saying himself: what do I have to make? Because I do not know where to amass my harvests … I shall bring down my attics, I shall build it of bigger and I shall amass all my products and my properties there."

        Instead of thanking God for his kindness, he makes projects to develop his business. His materialism leads to forget him the main part!

       - "And I shall tell my soul: … You have many properties in reserve for many years; rest, eat, drink, eat well."

      The only objective of its life is to take advantage of all that its wealth can get him. He thinks of living even for a long time, forgetting that the future does not belong to him.

      - "But God tells him: insane! This very night, your soul will be asked for more to you; and what you prepared, who will have him?"

     Insane! Such is God's appreciation. His life, brilliant materially, is a failure. His materialistic madness prevented him from entering into a vital relationship with God.

    Jesus concludes: "it's like that of the one who amasses treasures for himself, and who is not rich as for God". He invites us to turn to him to know "the grace of our Lord Jésus Christ: for you, him who was rich lived in the poverty, so that by his poverty you are enriched" (2 Corinthians 8:9).

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