More than a model, a Rescuer

"We believe that we are saved by the grace of Lord Jésus." Acts 15:11
"it is by the grace that you are saved, by means of the faith, and it does not come from you, it is the gift of God; not on the basis of the works, so that nobody glories." Éphésiens 2:8,9
           "Jesus was my big model. That is why I had so profoundly made a commitment in charitable works in the service of the poorest, to try to look like him and to reach, if possible, to the safety. But, in the light of the Gospel, I discovered that I was on the wrong track. Before being my model, Jesus had to be my Rescuer. I understood that I could not save myself myself, that I had to receive the safety as the free gift of the God of grace. Spontaneously nobody wants to owe everything to the grace. We always hang on to a secret hope to find "a good bottom" in ourselves, and our pride stops us recognizing that that's not the case. But, if we recognize him, he gets free of the Bible an atmosphere and a message of sovereign grace: thus it is by the alone grace, by means of the faith, that we are made just. I am delighted at what God revealed me this truth. He broke in me this deep and pernicious faith in the auto-redemption. (Toon Vanhuysse)
          "It is a stage difficult to put aside its thoughts - of merit, earnings, to be rather good - to receive simply, the empty hands, God's present that we find in Jesus Christ". (Richard p. Bennett)
          Such as I am,
without anything to me
Otherwise your blood paid for me And your
voice which calls me to you, Lamb of God, I comes!

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