My child is in the presence of the God of love (2)

My child is in the presence of the God of love (2)
"The Father of the mercies and the God of any consolation consoles us towards all our sadness, so that we are capable of consoling those who are whatever sadness it is, by the consolation with which we are consoled by God ourselves." 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4
      "I felt the sweetness and God's kindness when I shouted to him my pain, based in the room of Haddon by reading my Bible. This soft and affectionate God resumed my little boy in a place where he is from now on in complete safety. There he can know all God's love. I do not have to worry, as mother, about this moment when he left, because I know that he was immediately introduced in complete safety into the presence of the Christ. Haddon can look from now on at the face of the mercy and the grace and more be sick.

      God did not promise to those who belong to him a fast and easy road towards the sky, but he promises us to lead us to it. And up to there, "the Eternal is near those who are broken-hearted, and it saves those who have the brought down spirit" (Psalm 34:18).

       Through our tears and our days of big sadness, we want that those who surround us know this: we stand firm in our pain because Jesus took the punishment of our sin, because it is resuscitated, and because he overcame the death. For the Christian, the death is not the end. But for those who did not want to accept Jesus Christ as their Rescuer, the death leads to the eternal punishment. I ask that they listen to the good news of the Gospel today, and that they place their confidence in God, the big winner of the death."

According to Lisa Blanco

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