Nothing more to hope of the life

Nothing more to hope of the life
"God, in his holy house, is the father of orphans and the defender of the widows." Psalm 68:5
"happy the man who put in the Eternal its confidence!"
Psalm 40:4
      It is the history of the widow who lived near Sidon, at the time of the prophet Élie (1 Kings 17:9-16). The famine rages in all the country. This woman is exhausted of resources. He has a son, but she cannot feed him any more. She has some more of flour in a jar, a little oil in a jar. She is going to collect some wood to cook the bread which she is going to make. They will eat him, then they will die … She has to hope for nothing more of the life.

      While she collects some wood, the prophet arises, and asks him to eat. She exposes her sad situation, but he insists: "Make me in the first place a small cake". The woman obeys the prophet of God and, as he had promised him to him, the miracle occurs. The flour does not run out, the oil does not miss. The widow and her son are fed till the end by the famine.

        Maybe we are, as this widow, in an apparently discouraged situation? We hope for nothing more of the life. There is no hope left, nothing more to wait that the death, let us think …

      There is good still "a little flour in a jar, and a little oil in a jar", resources which seem to us absolutely derisory. Nevertheless, let us make as this widow, let us use little which stays in us, by giving to God the first place and by putting our confidence in him. God is interested in the widows and in the orphans. He is powerful to transform our thin resources into a sufficient abundance to meet our needs and to those of ours (2 Corinthians 9:8).

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