Our eternal enjoyment is still future (1)

Our eternal enjoyment is still future (1)
"That the Eternal blesses you, and keeps you! The Eternal makes raise the light of its face on you and uses grace to you! The Eternal raises its face on you and gives you the peace!" Count 6:24-26
     "The Lord resumed our little boy Haddon to be with him. Just before his death, we were able to sing him a hymn of best which we could. I held him in my arms for last time, by telling him that we are soon going to revise him. I crossed him to my husband Ernie, who murmured him this beautiful verse: "that the Eternal blesses you …" It is the last words which Haddon was able to hear.
      While all our hopes of parents disappeared in the confusion and the sadness, the Lord allowed us to live a funeral in an incredible peace. I dreaded to see his small coffin, but when the time has come, God quickly showed me that my child was not any more there, that it was only about its body, in which he did not suffer any more. He reminded me that Jesus is resuscitated by the deaths, and that it will also be the case for Haddon. Never in my life I knew a peace deeper than that one. I looked around me at babies' numerous graves, by imagining these children get up one day in the presence of the glory of God. Haddon will also get up. It is our confidence for our little boy. Our eternal enjoyment again is to come.
      My bruised heart learns to believe that to be mother is not my ultimate happiness. When the people of God will be held finally in front of the Christ, he will know the eternal enjoyment and épanouissante a foretaste of which we sometimes have on the earth, even in the middle of tears."
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