Prayer in the snow

"(Said Jesus:) all that you will ask for to the Father on my behalf, he will give him to you … Ask, and you will receive." Jean 16:23, 24

        The snow fell to big flakes, isolating the house of the outside world. The mom sends her two sons to buy of what to feed in the village which is in several kilometers. On the main road, cleared by the snowplow, a truck stops and the driver offers to transport the boys up to the village. By putting down them, he tells them:

       - If you are in twenty minutes in this crossroads, I shall take you on the way back. I have to go back near you.

       Having ended their races, the children leave for the meeting place, but in passing near a room of Christian meetings they intend to sing hymns.

       - It is a prayer meeting, let's go, says the elder son.

      - Yes, but we are going to miss the truck.

      - We have only to ask, the Lord will allow that somebody takes us.

      And there, in the snow, both boys pray aloud, then go to the meeting. At the exit, while walking, they find themselves in the meeting place. Suddenly, a truck stops, the same truck.

      - Sorry, the children, I had a setback of one hour, says the driver before returning them near their place of residence.

      Let us not hesitate to ask Lord Jésus when we have a concern. He knows what we need, in greatest detail, and his resources are immense. Let us trust him, he loves us and answers often well beyond for what we dare to ask him.

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