Prayer of a child

Prayer of a child
"(Said Jesus:) Be careful not to despise one of these youngs; because I tell you that, in heavens, their angels see constantly the face of my Father who is in heavens. Because the Son of the man came to save what was lost." Matthew 18:10,11
       Throughout the somber years of the World War II, a less than twelve-year-old boy was eager to ask every evening Lord Jésus so that all the men of his district who were in the front, the prisoners or in labor camps, can return one day to the house.

       He did not choose any rather than the others. He asked for all those whom he knew or about whom he had heard, without worrying to know if they were believers or not. He thought of them because he had learnt that in such or such house was missing the husband or the dad, and little by little his list had sadly lengthened.

       He prayed perseveringly, and if in the evening he had let win by the sleep by enumerating all the names, he began again the following morning.

       At the end of the war, all the men who had been the object of the prayer of the child returned safe and sound. They told around them the episodes of their exile. Most had crossed the situations from which they did not think of coming back, dramatic circumstances which few their companions had escaped. They have never known that a child had prayed for them. Only this one learnt by this experience that the Lord listens to the prayer of the faith. For him it was undoubtedly a big lesson which he remembered all his life.

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