Reactions to the discipline

"My son, does not despise the discipline of the Lord, and does not discourage you when you are resumed by him … No discipline, for the present, seems to be a subject of enjoyment, but rather sadness; however, later, she returns the peaceful fruit of the justice to those who are exercised by her." Hebrew 12:5, 11

        The word disciplines relates to the education, to the formative care of the parents to their children. If God disciplines us, it is exactly because we are his children. To help us to grow in the faith, he makes us pass by any sorts of situations, which can be sometimes difficult. How do we react?

         Three reactions are possible in the face of the discipline:

       - Despise her, that is grant it no importance, and consider that what passed is due at random. We do not take advantage then of this discipline which nevertheless makes us suffer. It's as if we neglected to take up something that we would have paid a high price for.

      - Be discouraged: instead of seeing that God wishes to act in us let us let us begin to doubt his love. Yet God does not impose us of test which would be over our strengths (1 Corinthians 10:13). If, on the earth, the wise fathers know how to discipline their children, our Father who is in heavens knows well him even better (Hebrew 12:9, 10).

      - Accept the testing, it is the good reaction, and the discipline can so be profitable us. We shall be then more tuned to the Lord. By her, God tests very often our confidence in him to strengthen him. He also wants to help us to identify our faults, our false moves, and their origin. Let us let God "sound" us (Psalm 139:23) and to cleanse us. So we shall discover that the discipline of God "returns the peaceful fruit of the justice to those who are exercised by her".

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